Through the holistic Cradle to Cradle consulting, EPEA develops and innovates products as well as processes together with partners from business, science, and government. Our shared aim is to improve the quality of materials, products, and systems so that they are beneficial to humans, the environment and the economy.

Our service portfolio is divided into five sectors:

Goal Setting

Cradle to Cradle is about being on the right track. A first step is defining the goals your company wants to achieve. Screen your business, define a roadmap, start innovation thinking!

Scientific Analysis

Healthy input materials are essential for C2C products. As a scientific research institute, EPEA offers environmental & material assessments for your products and processes as well as feasibility studies.


We support companies in product and system innovation for 30 years. Our Cradle to Cradle consulting expertise gives you the right starting point towards a Circular Economy.


C2C is a quality standard testifying the biological or technical recyclability of a product. As an accredited C2C Certified assessor, we also offer Circularity Passports and quality statements.


Communicating achievements is an important tool to inform customers about your ambition. We support you in finding the right wording, creating case studies and image films.

Cradle to Cradle Consulting: A customized package for your goals

A product doesn’t need to be perfect right from the beginning, but it matters to get on the right way. And since every company is different, we need customized solutions for every challenge. So to help our clients optimizing their products and processes towards a beneficial footprint, we offer three starting packages, ranging from “Starter” to “Pioneer”.

Cradle to Cradle Consulting _service packages
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