The Cradle to Cradle certified Climatex® Lifecycle™ and Climatex® LifeguardFR™ upholstery fabrics for climate-controlled seating belong to the earliest Cradle to Cradle product developments.
Climatex® LifeguardFR™ is a flame retarding variant of Climatex® Lifecycle™. Gessner added Climatex® Dualcycle™ to their portfolio in 2012.
Climatex® Lifecycle™ and Climatex® LifeguardFR™ consist of materials fitting best both safe indoor use and management as biological nutrient after use. Suppliers were associated with the development of the list of ingredients preferred for fitting best Cradle to Cradle® design objectives. Detailed information on the chemical constitution of every material input has been exchanged for the purpose of a thorough review by EPEA. 

An immediate consequence of their design is that cuttings and trimmings occurring during textile production and the downstream furniture production can be used directly as mulch for gardening. In effect they are now reprocessed industrially to products maintaining the biological cycling potential of the Climatex® products they are coming from. Doing so, reduction of costs for traditional waste management are combined with eco-effective resource use.
Climatex® Dualcycle™ combines both concepts of biological and technical nutrient management. Following the use phase, textile components can be separated with a simple process for a further management as biological or as technical nutrients respectively. Gessner offers taking Climatex® Dualcycle™ back after extraction out of the context of its use.

The Climatex® products consist of wool of species-appropriately grown sheep and of cellulose fibers, including fibers of the Asiatic nettle plant ramie. The component of Climatex® Dualcycle™ that is destined to technical nutrient management after its separation consists of a special technical material named Cradura™ which is suitable for a technical cycle (Cradura stands for CRadle to CrADle Unlimited Recyclable Amide and conveys the concepts of “Cradle to Cradle” and Durability).

Climatex® Lifecycle™ and Climatex® LifeguardFR™ received many awards including the prestigious iF Design Award in the years 1999 and 2001. The youngest member in the Climatex® portfolio, Climatex® Dualcycle™, received also the iF Design Award in 2013 and the US American Good Design Awards 2012 for its revolutionary textile construction with its very visible footprint of the Cradle to Cradle® approach to design.