We support companies in product and system innovation for 30 years. Our Cradle to Cradle consulting expertise gives the right starting point towards a Circular Economy, this includes the selection of healthy input materials, community building along the supply chain and the development of take-back systems depending on the after-use scenario with our competent partners in the C2C network. To achieve this, we offer a C2C Consulting for products and systems for companies as well as Workshops & Trainings for people interested in the Cradle to Cradle design concept.

Cradle to Cradle Consulting

Digitalisation and circular thinking are progressively pushing markets through disruptive changes. Companies and institutions needs to react properly by taking these challenges as an opportunity. Our consultancy, which is based on the Cradle to Cradle principles, is including aspects such as modular product design, new recycling methods and innovative eco-design, but also new logistics concepts, product traceability and alternative business models.

EPEA can help you rethinking existing products or systems on several levels:

Product level:
Cradle to Cradle is about rethinking existing products and to question the status-quo. Products can be optimized or redesigned to be beneficial instead of being eco-efficient and less bad. To promote change, innovations on product level are needed.

Company level:
Motivated employees are the most important driver to promote progress. Since a business transformation can affect many processes within company, e.g. production processes or energy use, the overall strategy needs to be carried by employees who support the Cradle to Cradle approach.

Network level:
Stakeholders along the supply chain must be involved in the transformation process, ranging from suppliers to logistic partner up to the customer buying the final product. To implement circular processes, input materials must be defined and potential take-back systems established.

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