Goal Setting

Cradle to Cradle is about being on the right track. A first step is defining the goals your company wants to achieve. Screen your business, define a roadmap, start innovation thinking. To support your company in setting the right goals, we offer three services depending on your current situation: The C2C Company Screening, Roadmap Development and Cradle to Cradle Innovation Workshops.

Cradle to Cradle Company Screening

With little effort, the C2C Company Screening gives companies important information on how the Cradle to Cradle potential of their company can be assessed on the basis of first information and interviews. The customer receives a quick assessment of the Cradle to Cradle potential and a recommendation on how the company can best approach the topic. The C2C screening for companies runs as follows:

Based on interviews and meetings with employees, especially in a managerial or decision-making position, the screening provides an assessment of which topics are seen to be beneficial or challenging. Thereby it explores in which areas a cooperation with EPEA can be helpful with regard to the further development of the company through the Cradle to Cradle design concept.

One of the central themes will be the company’s resilience against problems with regard to short- and long-term sustainability goals as well as cradle to cradle targets. It will examine which of these objectives are pursued and which already are or could soon be relevant to the business.

Goal: The management or decision-makers get a concise but comprehensive overview as well as understanding about C2C-relevant topics and their possible positive effects in the enterprise and a clear decision basis for next project-related steps.
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