EPEA & B.A.U.M. release new report: Designing printed products for the future

Hamburg, 20.06.2018 – Magazines, packaging, printing inks and office paper enrich our everyday lives. But how good are these products for people and the environment? What about recyclability? The joint report by B.A.U.M. and EPEA as part of the Healthy Printing Initiative shows how to design healthy printing products to achieve a new quality of recycling and to make the most of paper as a valuable resource.

More than 400 million tons of paper are produced each year. The global market grows annually by approx. 1.5%, with one driver being the use of paper as a substitute for packaging based on non-degradable plastic from fossil raw materials. In theory, paper is an ideal biological product that can be returned into the biosphere after a cascade use. However, through processing steps such as bleaching or printing, some problematic additives are added that prevent safe recycling.
Thus, every year printed products such as packaging and paper worth about € 13 billion end up in incinerators.

Impurities in paper recycling and contaminants from printing products represent the biggest challenges for the paper industry. These problems are mainly due to the focus on increasing efficiency and adhering to thresholds instead of promoting material and recycling innovations.

To jointly develop solutions to these challenges, EPEA, which has been supporting companies with the optimization of printed products for more than 20 years, founded the Healthy Printing Initiative with the support of the DOEN Foundation in 2017. The goal of the initiative is to promote the development and implementation of healthy ingredients in the printing sector to increase the quality of printing products, paper and its recyclability. The now published report does not only present initial solutions, but also the competitive advantages that can be achieved along the supply chain – from packaging manufacturers to printing companies to printing ink manufacturers – through healthy printing.

Do you want to become active and implement innovations? B.A.U.M. and EPEA invite you to become part of the international network for healthy printing products. Together we switch your office to healthy paper products, support you in the optimization of printing inks and make your printed products sustainable!

EPEA & B.A.U.M. release new report: Designing printed products for the future

The German Association of Environmental Management (B.A.U.M.) e. V. is Europe’s largest network for sustainable business. B.A.U.M. supports its more than 500 members to implement corporate environmental protection and sustainable business management. The focus is on practically-oriented exchange of experience and services.

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EPEA & B.A.U.M. release new report: Designing printed products for the future

As an international scientific research and consulting institute, EPEA together with players from business, politics and science to introduce circular processes as well as product optimization and development according to the Cradle to Cradle design concept.

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EPEA & B.A.U.M. release new report: Designing printed products for the future

In 2017, EPEA launched the Healthy Printing Initiative with support of the DOEN Foundation. The aim of the initiative is to promote the use of healthy inks and printing chemicals, so that safer more economical paper recycling systems can be realized. Paper is recycled on a large scale today, but is often heavily contaminated. This can cause problems in new products that contain recycled content.

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