Communicate success with partners

Good design and good communication – use our capabilities to support your C2C development process and reach new customers. Our network with international partners provides a communication platform for your products.

With various offers, EPEA activates multipliers in B2B and B2C sectors.

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EPEA Case Study

The EPEA website presents selected case studies on projects that describe optimized or certified products. The case study allows communication via:

• social media
• as a PDF document
• in the form of a short brochure of your C2C product

During the preparation of the case study we work closely with our clients and develop texts and graphics in common agreement
(using Adobe Indesign).
For this purpose, a short questionnaire is sent to you, asking you for the most important content that you want to communicate as a company. We from EPEA examine the wording from the perspective of Cradle
to Cradle®, supplement text modules and
if necessary process
the information into graphics about core aspects of the project.

C2C Image Film

The representation of Cradle to Cradle in the form of short image videos can significantly increase the range of communication. Companies like Drees & Sommer and especially Schüco as well as DSM show that the joint work can be communicated intelligibly with creativity as well as with positive emotions. Our media partner Rejell can support our customers in creating high-quality videos.

Since 2010, Rejell (Matthias Freier & Alexander Eckert) has been following the work of EPEA with the Cradle to Cradle® design concept. Over the years, a compentence has been developed that makes it possible to communicate complex aspects of Cradle to Cradle® and the Circular Economy in a kind, understandable and high-quality manner.
That is why EPEA supports Rejell and will gladly establish contact with interested customers. One example is the EPEA Image Film, which was produced by Rejell in 2017.

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