Circular Supplier Community Workshops

Since 2016 the EU funded BAMB Project, which brings together 15 partners from seven European countries, aims to enable a systemic and circular shift in the building sector. As a preliminary stage for future EU directives, the project shows opportunities of a digitized construction sector by applying tools like Materials Passports and the potential of Reversible Building Design.

In various workshops, stakeholder meetings and conferences the challenges, value propositions and business cases of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Materials Passports have been elaborated and are now shared with motivated stakeholders in the building sector.

The Circular Supplier Community Workshops give suppliers and interested actors along the building supply chain the opportunity to gain information about best practices and the advantages of Materials Passports, Circular Buildings, BIM and Cradle to Cradle in the building sector!

Circular Supplier Community Workshops

22nd November 2018, 10am – 5 pm
Stuttgart, Schloss Solitude

Participants: BAMB stakeholders, suppliers of building products and interested parties in the building sector

Language: English

Costs: Participating in the workshop (including catering) will be free of charge!

Organization: EPEA with the support of Drees & Sommer

  • Circular Supplier Community Workshops
  • Circular Supplier Community Workshops
  • Circular Supplier Community Workshops
  • Circular Supplier Community Workshops


The CSC Workshops will cover keynotes and practical workshop sessions regarding the BAMB project, upcoming EU directives, Building Information Modelling, Materials Passports as well as the Materials Passports Platform and other data bases.

We look forward to exciting keynotes by Tarkett and Drees & Sommer at the CSC Workshop in Stuttgart (more will be announced soon):

Rudi Daelmans - Tarkett

Group Sustainability scoutIng and advocacy Director

Marcel Özer - Drees & Sommer

Advanced Building Technologies

We thank Schiphol Real Estate, Würth and Die Werkbank for inspiring keynotes in Hamburg!

Your benefits:

  • Understand current challenges of suppliers about potential EU directives
  • Understand how to apply the right tools and integrate product data into data bases
  • Understand how to use challenges as an opportunity for positive change
  • Experience best practices and get involved in Materials Passports, including business cases and value propositions
  • Get to know innovative stakeholders in a free workshop in Hamburg
  • Find out more about Cradle to Cradle in the building sector


BAMB project (Keynote: EPEA)
Achieved milestones, emerging benefits and potential EU directives for building products

Materials Passports (Keynote: EPEA, Drees & Sommer)
General concept, its distinction to other digitized tools, implementation and benefits

Circular Buildings (Keynote: Drees & Sommer)
Circular building design and Building Material Scout

Redesigning products and systems – challenges and implementation in practice (Keynote: Tarkett)
Opportunities of circular building design for manufacturers and retailers

Building Information Modeling (Keynote: t.b.a.)
Digital planning process based on databases to connect information in a single network

Reversible Experience Modules (Workshop Session: EPEA)
Transforming buildings – from demolition cost and liabilities into material banks

Materials Passports Platform Prototype (Workshop Session: EPEA)
Applying future-oriented tools in the MPPP and other databases