The Brazil Steel Institute holds on August 21 and 22, in São Paulo, the 29th Brazilian Steel Conference, gathering about 500 attendees, including players of the steel industry, government, metal mechanical chain industries, banks, consulting firms, academy, members of parliament and the press.

The Opening of the Brazilian Steel Conference will include speeches by Michel Temer, President of Brazil, Márcio França (State Governor of São Paulo) and Alexandre de Campos Lyra (Chairman of the Board of Brazil Steel Institute).

EPEA CEO Prof. Michael Braungart will hold a keynote in panel 4 “Sustainability in the steel industry” on Tuesday (21.08. at 4:30 pm) and a workshop session on Wednesday (22.08. from 2pm to 4 pm).

When: August 21st – 22nd, 2018
Location: Hotel Transamerica São Paulo
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