Building Green Aarhus

Building Green is the place to be if you have an interest in sustainable products, thoughts and solutions in the construction/building industry.

Building Green is a growing event in Scandinavia which expanded with another edition in Denmark in 2017 to reach as many as possible! Our mission is to illuminate the importance of sustainable building and thinking. Building Green was established in 2011 and has since been developed and improved over the years. The event is not only an exhibition with products and solutions but also a platform of knowledge consisting of international keynotes, relevant debates, idea pitching and much more.

Today, building materials end up as waste when no longer needed, with effects like destroying ecosystems, increasing environmental costs, and creating risks of resource scarcity. To create a future for 10 billion people the building sector needs to move towards a Cradle to Cradle economy with buildings as material banks. In his keynote EPEA CEO Prof. Michael Braungart will present the EU funded BAMB project (Buildings As Material Banks) and discuss how Cradle to Cradle and the progressing digitalization depend on each other.

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