This year, the Colloquium for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Flame Spraying will be taking place for the 11th time. And so we once again cordially invite you to the Civic Hall (Stadthalle) in Erding which, with its proximity to Munich and the Munich airport, has proved to be the ideal venue for the many years now.

Over 300 participants attended the last HVOF Colloquium in 2015 to find out about the latest technological developments and visit the 22 exhibition booths. This year the colloquium again has a variety of interesting topics up its sleeve. One focal point will be HVAF technology and their respective materials and equipment. We will also be presenting the latest research results and applications for suspension flame spraying and addressing the topic of HVOF-ID for coating small inner diameters.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will hold a keynote at 7 pm on the subject of “Cradle to Cradle – a World without Waste and its Significance for Industry”.

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