“Boundless” – should be the chances for constructions, markets and technology – and this will be discussed on this year’s Rosenheim window days. Two aspects come into play here: On the one hand, it is about the boundlessness of architecture, as architects and builders often demand the impossible from us: the components – and preferably still anthracite – are getting bigger, heavier, more complicated. On the other hand, the open markets enable the removal of barriers to trade and the harmonization of technical rules.

Despite seemingly contradictory tendencies, such as the growing isolation in Europe against refugees, against potential new candidates for EU admission or a looming global trade war with tariffs and import restrictions, the ift Rosenheim remains optimistic and sees more opportunities than risks, because the “boundlessness” is an old yearning of humanity.

EPEA CEO Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will hold a speech on Friday, 12.10.2018 from 9.15 to 10.30 am on the topic “Pollutant-free World. Moving away from Environmental Toxins to Healthy Building Materials: Cradle to Cradle”.

More information at: https://www.ift-rosenheim.de/web/rosenheimer-fenstertage

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